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GT School Australia is a wholly owned Australian private company operated by its owners. Our company is an established manufacturer of school and sports uniforms. GT School Australia is sponsored by Oz Sports International, the sports apparel specialist and Gosford Tailoring Co, specialising in school uniforms. Gosford Tailoring Co had a factory in Gosford for 55 years and then moved its operations to Marrickville NSW in 2010 amalgamating with OZ Sports International. 

We currently manufacture more than 170 schools state wide. 


GT School Australia can provide solutions to your school and sports uniform needs.

We custom design sports uniforms as well as school uniforms.
We have kept the same tradition of excellent products, produced locally and overseas.
GT School Australia is well placed to support your current and future needs.
We also provide
FREE canteen food/drinks online service.

We have a variety of services that we can offer schools & other suppliers.

Free Online Service System for All Schools and Suppliers.

Sell your own products.
We provide FREE website and I.T service. 


+ Free Online Website Service

We supply the uniforms to the school at a wholesale price. The school sells them to the parents and students. We build an Online Website System for FREE, while the school receives the order simultaneously when it is placed & paid in full.


School Uniform Shop + Online Service

We manufacture, organise and manage the Uniform Shop for the school employing staff approved by the Principal and the P & C and this is complemented with an Online Ordering System.


Uniform Online Ordering System Only (For Small Schools - UNDER 200 Students)
Accessible 24/7 on computers and phones, this is for busy parents/carers that need the convenience of ordering when and where they want.


Gosford Tailoring & Oz Sports International offer quality Shirts, Skirts, Slacks,Polo’s, Tunics, Blazers, Jumpers, Trousers, Shorts, Skorts, Year 6 Leavers Polo/Shirts, Year 12 Jackets, Custom Made Sports Uniforms, Tracksuits,Swimwear, Rashies, Socks, Drink Bottles, Lanyards, Library & School Bags and Socks.

Got Questions / Need Assistance with Orders? 


Please NOTE: We may not reply immediately to your enquiry on Facebook. For any urgent enquiry please call us during our opening hours, or come find us at our head office in Marrickville.

Find us on Facebook, we have opened a Facebook page for customer service. It is opened 7 days a week from 9AM to 5PM. We are able to assist you with any order enquiries or any other questions you may have. Don't forget to LIKE our page to keep up to date. Leave us a review!

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